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Yeni Mosque, New Mosque, Yeni Cami, Valide Sultan camii, mosquée de la Sultane-Mère, nouvelle mosquée, Eminönü, Galata, bridge, pont, Istanbul, Turquie, Turkey, © photo dominique houcmant

Yeni Cami, Valide Sultan Camii

la Mosquée de Yeni (Nouvelle Mosquée ou mosquée de la Sultane-Mère) et le pont de Galata, Eminönü - Istanbul, Turquie

the Yeni Mosque, New Mosque or Mosque of the Valide Sultan is an Ottoman mosque located in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, Turkey. It is situated on the Golden Horn at the southern end of the Galata Bridge.Together with the Galata Bridge the New Mosque is one of the best-known sights of Istanbul.